Information about graphic designers/website designers in Moray, Scotland.

We're passionate about design, form and function, but we don't lose sight of business aims: better communication and improved customer relationships.


We live design. Passionate about the fine details, we know that graphic design is an investment for your business; our aim is to help you develop deeper, more meaningful and profitable relationships with your existing customers and potential clients. Our expertise will help you communicate your message effectively.

We're a small but effective team brimming with experience, skill and creativity. We started hampton-smith in 2001, but our team have been designing for a collective 25+ years. Whatever the style, whatever the medium, we want to help you with your project. Get in touch today for a no-obligation quote.

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Phone us: 01343 615 012

Hello there!

You know how it is. You get so busy working on client projects that you never get to keep your own website up to date. it's been quite a while since we worked on this, so we're taking the chance to work on it now.

While we're refreshing our site, you can still get in touch by email or follow Sam on twitter.